10612742_10153067933533453_3734450676091586383_n I'm Marie Anne. Christian. Mom. Gamer. French. Strasbourgeoise et fière. Hockey lover. Cross-stitcher. Pinterest addict..

Living in the city, wishing we were in the country and trying to still live the lifestyle. Chickens, ducks, dogs, vegetables.

My house isn't perfect, it has dust and dog hair on the floor, a pair (or 3) of muddy work boots by the back door. Sometimes, I even leave the dishes for the next day. Keeping it real :)


Vegetable Garden

We planted a small vegetable garden. We have yellow squash, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, garlic,...


Marble Magnets

I wanted to make some swag for geocaching and I have seen pretty marbles. I am still deciding if...


Sledding Fun!!

We didn’t get anywhere close to the snow that the North East has gotten but we did have...


Our ducks

  On February 20th, we got these little cuties. We only wanted to keep 2 at first and decided...


Base Chili Recipe

  I made this a few weeks ago. I didn’t care it was 100F, I wanted chili! : ) I...

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