Author: Marie Anne

Delight yourself in the Lord Cross Stitch

So here is a cross stitch that I finished a long long time ago, when I first came to the US. Hadn’t done anything bigger than a bookmark at the time. I added the the font. I should have that in a booklet somewhere, I need to find it. I have NO idea who made this...

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New beginnings

Well I’m a little disappointed that I wiped everything. I shouldn’t do things when I’m overly tired. I didn’t think everything through. I’m mostly disappointed about losing the pictures but they should all be on this computer..somewhere. Oh well, I guess the timing is a little ironic. New beginnings all the way around. So until I have something more interesting for you to read..I leave you with M’s new dog, Lou…he loves this ottoman and I was using it to prop my feet on it. Doesn’t deter him at all from claiming it as his own....

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Uh oh!

So…I made a boo boo and wiped everything 🙁 So here we go and starting over… Stay tuned for posts about the munchkin, the dollhouse, the sky and other things we are doing....

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