Rivendell, I never tire of this view…but the bridges and a mounted war-horse me..do not mix.


  I am ashamed to admit that I am really behind on my epics with Eyiel..so here I am in Moria catching up…the Stone Council.  I tend to forget to look up but I’m glad I didn’t this time!! And as much as I loathe Moria, this was a pretty awe-inspiring sight.


Fenmarsh in Eastfold is one of my favorite cities…purely landscape wise. All those weeping willows..be still my heart. Sorry for the dark picture, it was night time.


This is what I have been known for..sitting at the fountain in Bree, outside the Prancing Pony. Since I have started some lowbies, I am not longer sitting there in the evenings..I’m actually out..adventuring.

I really want to petition the makers of LOTRO to add flowers on this fountain just like in Alsace.


This is my Guardian Eyiel, level 95 during the last Yule Festival. The outfit I found on Cosmetic LOTRO. And then the Wintry Yule Caparison dyed black.


For those interested…I am on imladris server. I have Eyiel (95, Guardian), Eyielle (Warden), Elunis (Hunter).