I have to apologize for the pictures. I was trying to find a craft for Easter and the prep work was done late at night and I was super tired!

I decided to do most of the prep work because I knew it would take a long time and this way, all the kids have to do is paint and do all the fun stuff!

So what you need is:

Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners in purple and yellow
Hot glue
Felt – blue and black
Silver, black, white (or whatever color you want) paint markers.
Heart shapes
Black spray paint

For bunny ears: black pipe cleaner, pink and white felt.

I used hot glue to attach everything.

Step 1: Boil the eggs and let them cool.

Step 2: Dye the eggs with yellow and purple dye. The purple dye I had didnt come out very purple, it came out more pink. Might have to dye them more than once. I made my own drying rack with styrofoam and toothpicks.



Step 3: Take the elastic band part and cut them to size. You will have to measure roughly around the egg. Now, one thing I noticed is that you couldn’t do it too tight, it won’t stay. They will just pop off the eggs. So I made them loose enough to just sit on the eggs.

The googley eyes I got had more than one size so that was perfect to make single eyes and double eyes.




Step 4: Clothing

Making the pants for the minions was a challenge. You have to wing it for the size. Cut the felt and then to make it fit around the egg smoothly, cut the bottom part in strips.




This is to show you how I attached it. Put hot glue on the egg and start overlapping all the strips and make them smooth. Watch your fingers, that glue is hot!



Step 4: Spray paint the heart shapes black and attach them to the bottom

2014-05-15 15.00.34

 Step 5: Cut the pipe cleaners to fit as arms. I used a black marker to paint just the end to look like gloves. My kiddo wanted to give one of the eggs bunny ears so I got white and pink felt and attached it to black pipe cleaner.




Final Step: Attach the arms, slip the eye bands on and paint away! Notice the bunny ears on the front row to the left!


I wanted to find some troll hair type stuff but I came up empty handed. That would really complete the purple ones.