This is my first post from my tablet so I hope the pics are properly resized etc!

We got the DSC-QX10 by Sony. It attaches to your phone and you use it as a camera. it zooms but does notnhave a flash. That being said, the pics taken at night are surprisingly clear.

(Yes, I am watching the World Cup so that’s why you get the very lazy blanket shot)


You download an app and you can connect to the lens via NFC or wifi.

Here are some pictures I took at a bonfire last week and then some I took today in comparison. What I noticed is that the colors are truer with the Sony lens, more details and sharper images. If I am not mistaken, it is 18mp. My phone is a Galaxy S4.

It was pretty dark and I am very impressed with the detail of the pics and how well it performed in low light. I wish I had done a comparison then….next bonfire!!!!

None of the pics were edited.





Comparison pics. I forgot to focus on this first one (bottom pic only).