This post is about Morley. If you know me, follow me, stalk me, you will know that I love animals and I love my animals so if you are tired of the cat, dog, whatever pics..too bad 😛

Morley was found tied to the clinic where I work in September of 2013. He was about 7months old. About a month later, he got some kind of chemical burn in his eyes while he was at an adoption event and needed around the clock care. So I volunteered and took him home. He hated the eye drops. Different kinds, every few hours, I bet his eyes were hurting! It took about 2 months for his eyes to heal up with very little permanent damage and thankfully, tear production started again!

This was taken in December of 2013 when I was really struggling with the fact that he would be ready for adoption soon and I knew someone would snatch this little cutie up!


What a lot of people don’t know is that I was going through a very hard patch in my life and I needed Morley. He needed me to take care of his eyes and I needed him. He was my constant little companion and my little buddy. Despite the pain of the drops and that we had to hold him down to do it…he loved me. This little guy couldn’t stand to be away from me. He still barks and cries if he can’t get to me. He is never far from me, usually he is ON me.

Here he is sleeping on me as I’m all bundled up on the couch.



Poor guy was dressed up as a hula girl for M’s birthday! I think he is trying to protest there.



Coconut bra and all!



Summer of 2014, we went to the park. Lou and Morley had such a great time. It was so incredibly hot that no one was there so we let the boys run off leash. They never went far. They finally ran around in the water and then. Morley saw people…

…he came running back all muddy and wet and jumped in my lap. That’s my boy!



Here, he is rooting for the Netherlands during the World Cup with his spiffy new mohawk!


He is just so cute! I gave the last piece of hot dog to Teegan and Morley was in shock:



Being cute at work with Lou:



He loves cuddling!



And sleeping..especially sleeping!


Sometimes though, his sleeping positions are puzzling:



Yes, he was really asleep! I can’t explain it…



Always on me….today while I do some work on the computer. I totally  need a new chair but this one is so comfortable, I don’t want to part with it!

Sometimes he drives me nuts but I love this little guy and I think we have a very special bond.