So I followed the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction but I have comments!

There is yeast in it and I knew they would expand but I didn’t realize just how much. So note to self, make the pretzels scrawny looking!

I am not a huge baker but I am trying to get use out of my kitchen aid and make things at home more and more.  So it says it’s 30 minute pretzels, I am pretty sure it took me about an hour. I did use my kitchen aid and the paddle attachment to mix everything. I also used all purpose flour only, no wheat flour. She did say that it would be more fluffy.

I also only used the broiler for 3 minutes and not 5. Definitely watch when you are broiling!

What took the longest for me was to roll it out and shape them. I skipped the baking soda and hot water step.

As you can see from the cinnamon sugar ones, one was mangled but M didn’t care, she claimed that one!


These are the salt ones.



Everyone loved them and gobbled them up! Next time, we are drizzling icing on top of the cinnamon!