So I’ve seen this LOVE sign on pinterest and I wanted to make something similar. I don’t have contact paper or a fancy machine. I wanted to spend as little as possible and use what I had around the house. The only thing I paid for was for the paint. Score!

I took an old sign that was painted, sanded it down and wiped it clean. My lovely assistant Adrian stained it for me. I think this is his job now, to stain things for my projects 🙂 (and cut them, and figure out how to hang them!)

woodI printed some letters that I thought would work.


I made some rosettes and covered the heart. I actually cut some felt in the shape of the heart and glued the rosettes straight on that. I have a tutorial on rosettes here.

So my plan was to outline the letters with painters tape and then paint, wait for it to dry and rip it off. The only kind I could find was exterior tape. Turned out to be a mistake as it wouldn’t stay down so the paint bled underneath. More on that later…

So I let it dry and peeled it off…. I’m only showing you the last letter. It was actually the worst one. I left the sign alone for a few weeks trying to figure out how to fix it or if I should just start over and sand it down. Adrian thought that with a razor blade, I might be able to peel the paint off and if we needed to, we could stain those areas. Well it took over 2 hours to get it done but it’s done and we won’t stain it, it looks good as is. You could distress it too if you wanted to.


So there’s my sign on my wall. I’m not sure if that black frame will stay there and there will be more around it. It’s a work in progress 🙂  My string heart is actually underneath it but it will probably be moved!