We took Morley to a home decor store just to kill time and walk around.

He met new people, which is always good for him since he is shy.

He was so cute today! He got a little hair cut, a little less shaggy. His face needs to be cleaned up a little but he was done that day. (Morley had to be sedated last time and I have worked with him so I wouldn’t have to sedate him again and it paid off!!)


Don’t mind the leash. It’s my backup, I couldn’t find the black one!

unnamed (1)

We have been talking chickens for months now and decided to go to Atwoods to see what we could see {again}. We heard the chicks and went over and I showed them to Morley. Usually, he doesn’t care about anything but he was looking at them and was interested!

We got 8 chickens. 4 we know for sure are girls. So we will see what the others are!

Morley making friends on the way home.



Morley is taking a closer look.



There they are getting used to their temporary space.



Little cat walk action going on right now!


Hopefully they all make it as we are learning to take care of them. I’ve taken care of a lot of animals but chickens are new to me!


PS: Morley has his own facebook page….stop by and say hello! There will be pics on there that I don’t post on my personal facebook!