I can’t believe it has been almost 3 weeks since we got the chickens. Time has flown by so quickly!!

We now have them separated into 2 bins with 4 chickens in each. We did lose one of the original batch and got a new one. She is a pullet and called “Calamity Jane”.



She is in the tub with Little Longhorn and Peep. Those are the only 3 with names so we need to figure out a few more, suggestions welcome!! You can see CJ’s little butt hanging out there on the right. The girls accepted her right in and she is one of the girls now. Very happy about that, we were not sure how that was going to go.


We took them outside on Sunday because it was 75F! It was their first time outside. We didn’t get to take all of them out, we took about 3. We had spent the whole day building the coop and the sun was going down fast.

This is a hen from the other tub. She doesn’t have a name yet.


The one on the right we think is a rooster and there is a different hen on the left. She was a little scared and hiding under him. I am a little sad that we won’t be keeping the roosters.



Morley is the only dog allowed around them. He does so well, he checks on them and walks away.


Even though it will be a little while longer before they can stay outside in the coop, we started building it. About 80% of the coop is made from materials we repurposed and had laying around. Eventually it will be painted but I need to make up my mind about the colors. It might be in 7 years like my living room ; )

Here it is in the works.


Here is it finished. We will be adding more ventilation. That side opens up for cleaning and to collect the eggs. We will have 3 nest boxes in there. We will have fencing all the way around but that will come later.