I started with 3 empty bottles and 3 different colors of yarn. I had seen a picture on Pinterest using colored twine but I couldn’t find that anywhere that had colors I wanted or reasonably priced so I opted for yarn instead. I meant to do this months ago so I had picked spring colors back then ; )

unnamed (7)


I did not use the coke bottle in the end simply because of time. When the bottle changes width, it becomes a little time consuming so I opted to switch it out for another. (Hello Hell’s Kitchen in the background!)

unnamed (9)


For the cream bottle, I used my hot glue gun but the glue dried very fast and it didn’t look good once it dried. So I used regular tacky glue. Put some all around the bottle and then put your yarn around it a few times.



I didn’t use glue or anything on the body of the bottle.  I did make the yarn pretty tight and kept pushing it down towards the bottom of the bottle.

unnamed (8)


When you get to the part where the bottle narrows, it becomes a little bit more tricky. I put glue all around and kept wrapping but you won’t be able to do it as tight. Keep pushing things down so there isn’t any gaps.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

Keep going to the top. I put glue on the whole top part of the bottle and wrapped it until I got to the top.

I found that red bottle at a thrift store yesterday. It doesn’t match or fit but I love it and I need to look at it for a few days more before figuring out where it’s going to live : )

unnamed (4)


You can decorate them after if you want or just leave them like this. Maybe one day, I will get my mantle together and do a proper decor for it ; )


(credit unknown for this picture)

Little tip: if you run into where the yarn has been knotted together (grrr), don’t panic! Make the knot ends point down towards where you are going.

unnamed (5)

Once covered, it’s barely noticeable. Plus, it’s supposed to be rustic, right?

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