Pinterest has been my best friend when it comes to bookmarking things I like. I can just look at the pictures and remember what I pinned…not like bookmarking and you can’t remember exactly what it is.

I came across wreaths that I love made in burlap.

This one is from Etsy (click the picture for the shop):


The one from Etsy uses an 18″ wreath but I got a 12″ one so the flowers look bigger.

This is what you need:

  • Burlap
  • Muslin
  • Wreath
  • Hot glue gun
  • Corsage pins


Cut strips of burlap and muslin (or whatever fabric you decide to use). I tied a knot on the end and started twisting the fabric and coiling it around. The width and length you pic will determine the size or your rosette so you can play around with it. I totally eyeballed it all. I cut a random length and width of burlap and muslin.


When you get to the end, turn it over and hot glue the tail end to the knot in the middle. Then you can go around the rosette and glue it in various places so it holds nicely together.


When you have made all your rosettes, get your wreath out and then you can arrange the burlap on it for the “background”. The wreath on etsy has what looks like leaves made out of burlap. I was worried that over time, that would fray so I decided to just ribbon it.

I made 2 wreaths so this is one of them. I added some more fabric on the bottom. You can just fold it or twist it any way you want and hot glue it all to the wreath.


It looks like a mess but remember, the rosettes will cover most of it. (This is the other wreath).


I arranged the rosettes without the glue first so I could get it to look how I wanted and then glued them down.


The last step is to insert the corsage pins in the rosettes. I found it too difficult to put them in the muslin ones so I didn’t. Just push them through, they will go straight down in the need for glue.

So here are both my wreaths. One is going to a friend and the other is on my front door. To attach it you could tie some sisal rope or ribbon.


(Too much sun in this next pic)


You could go all the way around with the rosettes or have different colored fabric. You can also use felt for the rosettes.

You can add buttons, ribbon like Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs

IMG_5565_thumb[3] (1)

Get creative 🙂