I wanted to make some swag for geocaching and I have seen pretty marbles. I am still deciding if magnets are the way to go. I did have to make more because I kept the first set I made 😉

I got a bag of clear big and small marbles. The big marbles are about 1″ or so in diameter. The small ones are 3/4″.

Use a hole punch to cut up whatever paper you want to use. I used scrapbook paper.


Put modge podge with a paint brush on the printed side and stick it on the underside of the marble. Press and smoth it out. Let it dry. If the paper sticks out from under a bit, just cut it with scissors after it dries. Some of the marbles are more oblong than others.



I used a hot glue gun to attach a 3/4″ magnet on the back. Let it dry and there you go!


I also made these, using card stock and a permanent marker. I used regular glue for the eyes but it don’t think it is strong enough to hold up for long (I already had one fall off when I was handling it). I would recommend hot glue or E6000 but either one will be messy. I should have used smaller magnets but there weren’t any at the promised land (Hobby Lobby) so next time maybe!


I want to make some with the geocaching logo and some superhero ones (specifically, the Avengers!)