We went to a baseball game last night and had a really good time. I am not a huge baseball fan and I won’t watch it on TV but I do enjoy a game. I think I like the ambience more than anything. M wanted to see the fireworks.

We planned this last week so we were sitting near the outfield (or whatever it’s called…)

Here is the view where we sat..and yes I had to take a picture of the sky and what we could see of downtown.



I hadn’t had a funnel cake in so long and it was good! Took 3 of us to finish it off though. And yes I nibbled on it before taking the picture 😉


The game itself was ok. Some boring innings and some more interesting especially when they tried to steal a base. Tulsa is in light blue. They were playing Arkansas.


Meeting there on the what’s it called? Mound? We were losing 🙁


Awesome Hornsby doing his thing and getting people excited. He was pretty awesome. This was running with the bulls with a bunch of kids…fun!


We lost the game in the end. Hornsby was very sad!

But this is what we came for!  M is the little shadow on the bottom left watching. Next time, better seats for better firework shots. I loooove fireworks!


Love these kind especially!!! ♥