I’ve been staring at my walls for years trying to figure out what I’m doing. I think and I think, I change my mind a million times, can’t decide…because painting the walls is permanent, right? I can never ever change my mind…* rolls eyes at herself*

All the pictures are cell pictures because my camera is not working right now. And the walls aren’t as pink as the pics make them look like (hooray for that!)

unnamed (9)

I came across this while surfing the net and decided this is what I was going to do, minus the words. This is a stencil you can find. I didn’t like the way the leaves  looked. I looked some more online and found a tut from Pretty Handy Girl. She is so talented! I got the #4 round brush, the #4 flat brush and the #2 liner brush. You do not need a lot of paint for this at all. I got the smaller jars from Home Depot for 3$ each and they are still full.

So a couple of notes about that tutorial…I never used the angle brush and realized after doing a few of the dandelions that I wasn’t using it.  She says you can use pencil to draw on the wall or chalk. I did pencil but it was showing through after I started painted (granted it was white paint). So i erased most everything except for the center dot of each dandelion.

I started off by sketching out the image. I was going to try to match the colors but had trouble finding the wall color and I was afraid it would be too orange and too bright.

unnamed (8)


Pretty much exactly like the picture…next!

I was going to do the same colors as they did except I figured with my wall color…the white may not show up well so instead of having just one dark dandelions and 3 white. I switched..one white and 3 darker ones. I am so glad I did because you can’t even see the white one.

This is my newly painted room.

unnamed (10)


My vision in my head was to draw the dandelions on the closet and have the seeds wrapping around to the wall with the text.

To start the dandelion, I follow the tutorial from Pretty Handy Girl except that I started with the flower part. From the center, I made a few lines using a round brush but left about 90 degrees where the stem and leaves would be.

unnamed (6)


Then I followed her tutorial and made the seeds, also using the round brush. I made the fuzzies and stem at the same time using the liner.

I need everything to be so symmetrical and even and I was trying to not stress out and just worry about the one dandelion I was working on and not try to make sure everything was spaced evenly. It was hard but concentrating on just one dandelion at a time worked great.  I did take a big step back from time to time to check but tried to not be too OCD about it.

I made a small line to know where the stem would go.

unnamed (3)


And filling it in

unnamed (4)


until it’s done (this is actually the one that’s on the left of the one above). I guess you don’t have to have a stem for each fuzzy but that’s what I did. She didn’t though.

unnamed (5)

When I made the stem, I didn’t hold it like her, I held it vertical and went down. I did the horizontal on the white and it was just too thick. I think it all depends on how big your dandelion it. Just do what works for you.

So keep going. I had 3 of a lighter color, 3 darker, and 1 white dandelion.

unnamed (1)


unnamed (2)

All done! I’ll take better pictures during the day but for now..that’s what it looks like. I may have gone a little heavy on the seeds near the dandelions but I do like it.